Fitness to Supplement Your Food Plan

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NFLP Fit was specially designed to supplement your balanced food plan by creating a movement practice that allows you to lose body fat, build muscle, and enhance your cardiovascular health.


If you’re the kind of person who is looking for a simple and effective guided fitness regimen with direct connections to a coach - NFLP Fit is for you!


Sessions can be done at home with or without equipment, or at a gym. They’re specifically designed 45-minute sessions that include a daily warmup + cool down so that you have everything you need stay consistent, stay motivated and be healthy and strong!

  • Workouts

    3 Specialized Sessions A Week. Specifically designed to supplement your food plan so that you achieve your body composition goals, get to move at your pace and have fun!

  • Video Reviews

    Video and Movement Review of each Session so that you know exactly what to do - safely and effectively. You’ll know exactly how to progress or regress. There’s no thinking involved for you

  • Community of Athletes

    Access to a Private Slack Group with other NFLP Fitters so you can connect and communicate with other like minded people. Share ideas. Share scores. Ask questions.

  • A Full Week of Fitness

    Recommended Movement Activities for Sessions Outside your 3 Programmed Days. Experience and live a full and thorough movement practice and lifestyle 

  • Monthly Call

    A Monthly Coaching Call with your coach, Sara, to update your goals, discuss experiences with the sessions, make progressions, answer questions, receive coaching + support AND more. All calls are booked for times that are convenient for you

Sample Workout and Video Instruction

The Nutrition for Life Project Fitness Program had provided me with the extra boost of variety and element of challenge I was longing for in my workouts. Before, I would wing it at the gym and hope to feel something and see results. Now, having the three workouts each week has taken the guess work and monotony out of my old gym routine. I enjoy the blend of strength building and cardio exercises that get my heart pumping and leave me feeling strong.   So far, I have seen an increase in my confidence at the gym. I like showing up with a unique plan tailored for me. I have also notice my pants fitting better around the waist!

Eric M.

The workouts are great and the website is super user friendly!  I appreciate the options to incorporate weights or just use my own bodyweight!

Jenna C.

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