Nutrition For Life Project

Glass tupperware all the way!  Easy to reheat, clean, and seals tight!

Great for weighing and measuring food, if you're tracking macros or managing portions!

I use this every day to make bulletproof coffee!  And otherwise blend pancake batter, smoothies, and the like!

I use my air fryer at least once a week, every week!  It cooks the best chicken and veggies!

The best knives I've ever used!  Get these if your kitchen needs a little color...

...and these if you prefer black!

The best (calorie free) seasoning out there!

This little baby keeps the seeds out of my daily Morning Margarita!

Who doesn't love a good charcuterie board?!

These reusable bags are dishwasher safe and great for prepping snacks!

Slow cooker recipes are a staple for me!  Love this crock pot!

How do I ensure I drink enough water?  I carry this around with me all day!

I also have this (much larger) cup!

The pink Himalayan salt that I use daily in my Morning Margarita!

My go-to lunchbox... that I have in bright purple, obviously!

A slightly smaller, completely freezable lunch box!  Keep your snacks and meals cool all day!

I LOVE a big ice cube (and the fact that these don't take up space in the freezer)!

Super easy to clean!  And no damage to pans!

NEED:  a non-slip cutting board!

I make everything in this 14" non-stick pan!  And I like the blue color!

Body weight scale for those weekly checkins!

I highly recommend this supplement for help with sleep and decreasing stress!

My favorite when protein supplement!  Chocolate Peanut Butter is the best!  Consider Vanilla if you prefer to blend it with fruit!

A great option for resistance training workouts!  Super versatile and convenient for at-home fitness!  These are lighter weight bands!

A slightly heavier resistance band option!